No matter how big our Client’s business is, we keep it local, whether it is in the City, in the West End, or in King's Cross - each has its own geographic culture.

The same care we offer our own colleagues extends into the communities we serve.

St James Business Services promotes volunteering initiatives that truly make an impact within London communities. One of our senior team volunteers two hours per week teaching philosophy to learners from vulnerable backgrounds, in terms of having limited education, mental health issues, or have a history of addition or low level crime. This Open Book Project has been successful in preparing entry-level students for further education (e.g. BA degree programmes or vocational studies), which will enable them to seek and gain future employment.

St James also makes a monthly donation to the RNIB, in order to support people with sight loss, particularly individuals who lost their sight later in life. Our donation helps these individuals to attend a six-week rehabilitation programme, Living with Sight Loss.