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Real service provision is not transactional, but relational.​

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Our capabilities, resources, and initiatives are culturally aligned to create an outstanding experience for you, as a St James Client.

Trust and collaboration fuels everything we do at St James Business Services, in creating and developing relationships – with our clients, our colleagues, and our business associates – to deliver and exceptional front-of-house, concierge and reception experience.

At St James Business Services, our investment in our colleagues is reflected in your clients’ buildings experience. We are a caring family, at our core. Our front-of-house services share our commitment and values so that, whether you need reception or concierge, temporary or permanent placements, the customer experience is welcoming, confident, competent and efficient.

Our colleagues’ journey starts with training, ensuring they see each of your clients as VIPs, and greet them with warmth. Collaborating with our clients, we equip our colleagues with the site knowledge they need, whether emergency procedures or understanding the needs of your occupants. St James Business Services personnel will become part of your team.

St James Business Services provides a joined-up, strategic approach which is essentially fresh and dynamic, while specialising in the provision of premium reception, front of house and concierge services. We understand the importance of conveying a professional team spirit that reflects your client culture, and we make it our business to understand the logistics of your building or property portfolio, so we can promote the best features and manage any potential limitations

Through experience, we also know that the key to meeting your aspirations is communication; fully understanding your business, building relationships with your clients, and staying in touch routinely to maintain the quality of our service. This works best when we are fully engaged with our colleagues, from the day they join St James Business Services, with continuous training throughout their career.

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