If you are numbed by the 'one size fits all' nature of corporate personnel placements, you'll understand why Julie Gordon set up St James in 2015.

“I was disillusioned with the large corporate company mentality, who mainly focused on the bottom line,” says Julie. “So, I was determined to take a different path, putting employees and clients first and foremost. I believe that FOH/Reception Service is intuitive and personal in nature, hence the desire to create something fresh and meaningful.”

As a result, St James is an independent bespoke ‘people’ business, which works to develop long-term partnerships, each client’s business or building treated as unique, and with its own personality. St James started with two contracts, but now has over 50. In striving to maintain the ethos of ’employees and clients first and foremost,’ Sandrine Lee joined Julie as an equal partner in 2018, bringing a new skillset.

“We pride ourselves in working with clients through tough times. This means being flexible, responsive, and frank when endeavouring to problem-solve for all parties involved, never forgetting to have some fun along the way,” says Julie.