Proud Partners to Workman’s Welcome portfolio of properties

St James proudly support Workman in the delivery of healthier workplaces, for the wellbeing of occupiers. We could not be prouder to be named one of their most innovative partners, here's what they said on the partnership.

“Driven by a desire to deliver fresh and meaningful front-of-house reception and concierge services, St James specialises in conveying a professional team spirit that reflects its clients’ culture. Its capabilities, resources, and initiatives are culturally aligned to create an outstanding experience for its clients.

Having the right teams on the ground is vital to the delivery of successful initiatives and events, and St James is a key partner in delivering wellbeing initiatives onsite. Across Workman’s Welcome portfolio of properties, the St James team has collaborated with a raft of service providers to curate and deliver regular programmes of wellness events. Most recently these have been designed to welcome occupiers and their employees as they return to their workplaces.

St James trains its teams to ensure they not only greet everyone with warmth and respect, but also that they are equipped with relevant site knowledge, whether emergency procedures or understanding the needs of occupants. With its joined-up, dynamic approach, St James grasps the importance of understanding the logistics of a building or property portfolio, so its teams can promote the best features and manage any potential limitations”.

Julie Gordon
Managing Director
St James Facilities Services Ltd